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  • ...Kahmunrah is the son of the Legendary God of the Sun, Ra and the Legendary Goddess of the Sun, Ratet?
  • ...that Osiris was killed by Kamunrah in where you see Osiris dead in the second game?
  • the death of Osiris in the second game and the battle in the third is because that Osiris is the God of the Underworld and he came from Hell?
  • ...Namor is born underwater and as a human but grows gils that is why he is the Egyptian God of the Ocean, Water and Fish?
  • ...Kahmunrah's name has been spaced like Kah Mun Rah making Kah his first name Mun his middle name and Rah his sirname but is Kahmunrah so Ra hasn't got the same last name as his first?
  • ...Kahmunrah is a real person that was born in October 31, 1492 and was the first one ever to dig thirty feet underneath the ground with a wooden stick and a sword?
  • ...Kahmunrah was the current name creator of the words Death, Blood, Brutal and War and became the Pharoah of them all?

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Kahmunrah is the brother of Ahkmunrah and is the only assassin of metropolis. He fights for justice, power and glory such as is quote. He speaks both english and egyptian. He is the main character of the game. Kahmunrah's main quote is "Blood runs through my veins such as my power to kill, destroy all gods.".





  • October 12: This wiki was created.
  • November 3: This wiki got a background.
  • November 5: Main Page has been edited.


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